What Makes a Woman Confident? Just One Thing

The short answer to what makes a woman confident is just this: Space.

Yes, it’s really that simple. Space; a place where it’s silent, calm & peaceful. A place where you feel connected, it’s like being tuned in to inner wisdom, or a guiding light, if you’d like to put it that way.

Perhaps this wasn’t the answer that you were expecting. But it can’t get any easier than this.

You don’t need expensive clothes, validation, or anything of that sort.

You don’t even need a man to approve of you.

All you have to become aware of, is the existence of such a thing in your life called space.

And I know this is likely all very new to you, but there’s nothing to worry, because I am going to tell you more about this very sacred location.

I will also tell you how you can be tuned in 24/7 into this space. So whenever you bump into dark thoughts or feelings, you will know how to deal with them.

But first, let me introduce you to “space” a little more.

Space is What Makes a Woman Confident

Characteristics of being in space

  1. Timelessness: One of the peculiar qualities of space, is that it is timeless. When you are tuned into space, it’s like being in a state of flow. An expression quite common in the world of productivity. You know when people say, I was in this state of flow, and I didn’t even realise how quickly time had passed. That’s space.

    It’s alive, it’s present, it has a symphony to it.

  2. It’s Light: Both in the sense, that it feels light to be in space, and also light in the sense of illumination. You get to enjoy it, it’s electric, it’s fun, it has its own charm and charisma. The funny thing is, you start to exude it, and don’t be surprised if people find you extremely charming and smart. It’s amazing to be in space!

  3. It Doesn’t Need to be Created: This is the best part about space. It’s already in creation, it is not something you have to create, but only something you have to become aware of, and tune into. In fact, just as I write these words, if you are feeling lighter, happier, you are tuning into space.

  4. Being in it is Better than Any Definition: Words can only go so far when it comes to speaking about this dimension. It’s like telling someone this is how it feels to swim and float on water, they rather experience it themselves, so they know what it’s like.

How to Tap Into Space & Feel Confident

  1. Recognise the Story: That sad, depressing, dark story in your head, we begin by recognising it. Becoming aware of it, and then you sort of compare it with “space.”

  2. Compare it with “Space”: So the practice can be something like; this story is in time, does it feel light or heavy? Is this story trying to create any sense of security? Then you will start to see, for one it’s a story, second, that the story is in fear, and you don’t have to create any security because security is already created for you in space.

  3. Drop the Story: Now that you have a clear touch stone, to identify what is trash and what is gold, just drop the trash. Let the story go. And do so persistently. Be adamant about being in space.

  4. Meditate: Meditation is one of the finest ways to start to recognise this dimension of space in you. So find a magic corner, and just close your eyes and be silent. Yes, even with the loud thoughts, you can be silent. You can be an observer. Do this regularly, and this practice will be like going to swim, it’s like experiencing space for yourself. And once you see the difference, you will know what we have been talking about.

So my dear friend, if you ever run into the question again, of what makes a woman confident, remember, it’s none other than “space.”

Ask me, because I have searched for the answers everywhere, and finally made this discovery. In fact, that is the very reason I created Tune Into Confidence. Because I want women to realise that the power lies right within them. And not outside in the world, for them to be their best & most authentic selves!