Learn How to Tune Into
Confidence & Succeed in Your
Personal and Professional Life

Bid Farewell to Self-Doubt, And Accomplish
Your Goals Like a Boss!

Dr. Tahsin Zatman here, you can call me, Dr. T, and I know
exactly why you have all those doubts and fears about
accomplishing your goals. I know why you feel stuck, as if your
life was frozen in time.

But here’s good news! Since I’ve already identified the main problem,
I can help you see it as well. You too can know, what’s going on,
and by knowing what I know, there’s no doubt in my mind,
that nothing will stop you from feeling empowered.

The confidence that you had at an earlier time in your life,
you can have it back again!

The sky’s the limit as to what you can achieve, by reconnecting
with the confidence that was and has always been your birthright!

Would you like to get your confidence back? I am sure you do!

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But before I tell you how you can find the confidence to succeed in your life, there’s something you need to know about me…

I wasn’t always very confident, I often found myself arguing with my loved ones, when all I wanted to do, was be able to effectively communicate with them.

Was it starting to affect my relationships? You bet!

Could I afford to carry on that way, absolutely not!

Which is why I decided to do something about it. I decided to get help! And I visited a psychologist, but that didn’t help much, and of course I tried other things that include positive thinking, but I still felt that there was a missing piece I had to uncover.

So I decided to take the situation in my own hands

I started studying the works of Sigmund Freud and the likes.

But more importantly, I started observing my own mind.

I started uncovering several patterns of the mind, that were detrimental to my well-being.

The funny thing is, as I continued this observation, I was noticing that I wasn’t arguing as much, I was noticing that I could be calmer and more present with my patients and my family, and overall, the simple act of observation was starting to bring in a positive transformation.

Essentially, I was being more open and honest and therefore communicating better, which is the power of positive vulnerability. Which allowed me to share my thoughts without the fear of being judged.

Which is when I was led to a startling discovery.

What I learned was like a eureka moment, that was the turning point in my life, to tapping into unlimited confidence.

I found that at the core of the lack of confidence, hiding behind the curtains, was a mind pattern, that I now call the “Stress Avatar.”

An avatar essentially can be considered a mask. So I noticed that when I was in stressful situations, a thought pattern appeared, almost automatically, which was rooted in fear.

And it was this thought pattern, that led to a behavior that I had to become aware of, and not just be aware of, but be able to adapt and eventually drop it the moment it showed up.

So I started experimenting with this, and especially, when I got into situations where I know I usually felt stressed, I started observing the mind pattern show up, and using conscious intervention techniques, I started to adapt this mind pattern, and living more consciously.

To my surprise I found out, that I didn’t need to create confidence, but rather, to lose the fear.

The rest is history.

Do I still feel stressed? Of course? Do I still notice fear? Absolutely! But now I have the tools to deal with the stress and the fear as they show up, and they have no power over me, for I am able to live my life on my terms, and not at the mercy of some mind pattern.

Essentially, the main cause of the lack of confidence you feel, is nothing but a false story running in the head, and when you learn how to deal with this story effectively, your confidence is right there!

It never went anywhere, you never lost it, but all you have to do is become attuned to it, just as you were at some point in your life.

Now isn’t this good news? Isn’t this one of the best things you’ve heard in a long time?

There’s every reason to cheer up, knowing that now you can tap into empowerment, that goes with you, wherever you go and help you deal with whichever situation life presents, in a calm and composed manner.

Tune Into Confidence

Ever since I had the eureka moment, and discovered the “Stress Avatar” my life changed. Not only did it help me improve my relationships, but it also opened up my mind to the possibilities of living a more fulfilling and creative life.

I started noticing that I was feeling more relaxed, knowing that the source of the problem, was not out there, but in my head and I could always deal with something that is only in my head, and that was the most empowering thing that happened to me in a long time!

What it did for me, was open the doors to joyful living, where even stressful situations, won’t make me feel stressed. It was as if I had entered a whole new world, which had nothing in common with the old, that I had known for a very long time.

Seeing that just as I once felt low levels of confidence, there are so many others who are in the same situation. And having discovered what I did, I felt that it was only right for me to spread the word.

So I began testing my process with a few people, and the results were amazing.

That’s when I decided to create my signature coaching programme called Tune into Confidence.

The idea is simple, whether it is forming better relationships, finding love, or excelling in your professional life, a boost of confidence goes a long way in helping you accomplish your goals.

In the programme, you will find tools, that will help you tap into that confidence like a boss!

Now, even after reading this, it is possible, that you may be feeling doubtful, about whether this programme will work for you. Whether you can truly access the confidence that I am talking about, and all I want to say, is that it’s not your fault.

Even though you may be feeling unsure at this point, about your ability to experience confidence, just know that it’s okay.

You don’t have to do any self-convincing or pressure yourself to believe in what you read.

What you can do instead, is notice that in spite of the doubts, there is still another layer, that likes what it has heard. And it is eager to know more.

Whenever you feel comfortable, I’d like to encourage you to allow this space to become larger, and give yourself the permission to explore what this programme can offer.

You don’t have to commit to anything, but rather go at it like an adventurer, who is going on an exploration.

Just as I did. Because the truth is, no matter what I say, until you see it for yourself, you won’t know that it truly is possible for you to tap into the stream of unlimited confidence, that will enable you to succeed in your endeavors and live a fulfilling life.

The “Tune Into Confidence” Programme

6-Week 1-on-1 Sessions

The programme is designed to be conducted over 6 weeks, where participation each week is mandatory. (If you’d rather prefer to go on a fast track, we can wrap it up in 6 days too, but that will come at an additional cost.)

During the six week period, we will be working on what I call the TRUST process, that will help you uncover the mind patterns, or clearly identify your stress avatar, and follow the intervention techniques that will enable you to shift the faulty thoughts patterns into more constructive patterns that will help you feel confident on demand.

But not just that, you will be armed with tools, that will help you build a narrative that will also empower others around you, while feeling more empowered yourself.

As the saying goes, the best way to learn is to teach, and we’re going to make use of that opportunity whenever it presents itself.

My Promise to You

By the time you are done with the programme, I promise that you will feel truly empowered to deal with the stress avatar, and feel like you are finally able to soar freely, and go and accomplish those personal or professional goals with calm confidence!

I am committed to helping you see results, if I wasn’t doing what works, I’d simply focus on my medical career, but I know the power of this process and I know the results it can deliver.

All you have to do is tag along with me, for 6 weeks, and we’ll get this sorted. Once and for all!

The question that remains now, is only this:

Do you want the Confidence to Succeed?

Because if you want it, then nothing can stop you from having it.

Nothing can stop you from accomplishing your dreams.

Nothing can stop you from having the amazing life that you desire.

Nothing can stop you from being the master of your destiny!

And let me tell you, you can take your own time.

You don’t have to rush into signing up for the programme.

But only consider this, how long would it be until you finally ask these empowering questions?

How long do I have to wait to feel confident again?

When am I going to take the decision to take charge of my life?

“When exactly do I plan on getting the confidence to succeed in my life? Will it be next year? Next month? Tomorrow? or NOW?”

You are the only one who can decide when it is right for you. Just know that whenever that is, I’ll be here for you!

But if you are on the fence, if you are ready for the next step, if you are ready to go on an adventure with me, and find out how you can tune into confidence, then all you have to do, is book your free discovery call today!