The Joys of Self-Discovery In Entrepreneurship

There are plenty of joys to be found in the process of self-discovery in entrepreneurship. And more importantly, the cement that will hold your business together has little to do with formal education, but it has everything to do with how well aligned you are with the gifts you bring to the world.

Whether you know it or not, right from birth you had a natural inclination towards something. Some children are artists, some are mathematicians, some are poets. Essentially, every child is gifted but these gifts have to be recognised.

However, given the system we’re brought up in, we often don’t get a chance to go on this process of self-discovery and are led on a path we may have not been naturally inclined to take.

This is what causes obstruction in the creative expression of a human being. And whether you’ve recognised it or not, human beings are creative beings. Our most fulfilling and natural state is to be creative.

We’re not machines, and are not meant to be functioning from a redundant mode, that only does what it does to serve a system, and act like a cog in the wheel.

We’re living beings, and we’re supposed to be living, not merely existing.

That’s really in essence why the process of self-discovery in entrepreneurship is so vital. Because, when you discover the treasures within you, when you become clear about your creative expression as a human being, it can naturally translate into a successful entrepreneurial journey.

Here’s what you can do next to initiate this process of self-discovery.

#1. Ask this question to yourself, “Why do I want to be an entrepreneur?”

Do you want to be in your own business because you are inspired to do that? Or do you want to be an entrepreneur because of the promise of riches?

When you see someone successful like Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, what do you see? One of the richest men in the world? Someone having a great lifestyle? Or do you see someone who is at heart a man who seeks to serve.

You see, entrepreneurship is synonymous with service. All successful entrepreneurs have service at their heart. So is serving mankind with your offering the core motivation behind what you do? Or is it only the rewards that come through it?

Even today, in his letter to shareholders, Jeff Bezos often writes, “It’s always day 1.” And what he means by that, is that he’d like to serve his customers with the same amount of dedication as he did on day one, when Amazon wasn’t a billion dollar company.

Something more than money inspires leaders to do what they do. What inspires you?

For instance, if you want become a successful fashion designer, ask yourself, why do I want to do this? Is it only because of the perks it offers? Or is it because you dream of seeing others wearing your clothes and looking great in them. You dream of helping other human beings enjoy your creative expression and in effect help bring more joy into their lives.

Because the former is a surefire recipe for failure. There’s only one way to take care of your needs in entrepreneurship, it’s by taking care of other people’s needs.

So until you don’t find that one thing that you’d like to offer to the world, keep looking within yourself. Don’t settle.

Take good care of your tribe, and you’ll never have a single day without food on the table. That’s really the mantra.

#2. What’s your size?

Entrepreneurship doesn’t mean you need to become a billion dollar company. It doesn’t mean, you need to have investors, it doesn’t mean you need to have several employees, if that’s what you don’t want.

You can choose your size of business. You can choose how big or small you want to keep things. Remember, what you do is about what brings you joy, and there’s no perfect one size fits all philosophy here.

So you really have to discover what type of life you’d like to live. Do you want to be a busy CEO or do you want to take it easy, and serve only a small pocket of people.

The choice is really yours. What matters is what aligns with your vision of your life?

No inherent loss comes to you whether you go big or stay small.

Your life, your style. Do it your way, for that’s the only way it will align with you.

#3. Is Creative Expression at the forefront?

We go back to what we began with, remember earlier in the article we spoke about the creative expression of being human. One of the classic ways to gauge alignment is to see if what you’re doing as an entrepreneur is an outcome of your creative expression.

Not just because there’s a hot demand in the market, not just because there’s room to make a lot of money, all those things are great, but most important is, are you able to be your creative self in the process?

Let’s say someone who is a great cook, decides to open a restaurant one day, and they have their special dishes on the menu all designed by that cook, but soon, the cook gets busy running the restaurant, and focusing on the business side of things, and forgets who he is and why he really started that business at the first place; because he is a gifted chef.

Suddenly, he finds himself spending less time focusing on creating amazing recipes, and is bogged down by business stuff. Do you think he is going to enjoy running his business?

This is how misalignment can get created. Which is why he has to keep in mind why he started his business, and let that creative expression be the forefront of his business. For when you focus on your gifts, every other challenge will appear like no challenge at all. Because you’re focused on your vision, on your creative expression, and that intent will help your business sail through any challenges that may come along.

In essence, the process of self-discovery in entrepreneurship, is beautiful, vital, and essential for a successful business venture. When you know why you’re doing what you’re doing, how big you want to be, and what should be at the core of your business, each day will seem like you’re living, and not just merely existing.

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About the Author

Dr. Tahsin Zatman

Once an aspiring archeologist, turned doctor, turned confidence specialist. I guess that says a lot about my journey, and I am only getting started! Teaching is what helps my creative juices flow. And as a teacher at heart, I have set out to help people get in touch with their best selves and say goodbye to all that has been holding them back from being creative, lively, and enthusiastic in life.