How to Exude Class As a Confident Businesswoman

One of the classic traits of a confident businesswoman is that she exudes class. And in this post we’re going to talk about the traits that make for a confident businesswoman; someone who reflects poise and authority in the way she conducts herself.

A woman like that is attractive. She reflects a charm and charisma that make it impossible for anyone to ignore.

Whether you’re a corporate executive, a medical professional, or a business owner, what we’ll discuss will help you develop a strong personal brand and noticeable presence as a leader.

1. A Confident Business Woman is Home to Herself

Whether it is that big board meeting, a client call, or a leadership event, she isn’t looking for someone else to approve of who she is. She is home to herself, and in being home to herself, she is at peace with everyone else around her.

Let’s take an example of two top executives who are interviewing for the role of CEO.

The first, walks into the room, and answers all questions from the perspective of, if I don’t get this job, I’ll not know if I am worthy. I need this job to know and assess my worth. Her self-worth depends on external situations, like getting the designation of being a CEO. No tag, and she’d feel inadequate.

The second one walks in the room, answers the same questions, but she is answering them all while being home to who she is, not trying to think about the outcome of that interview. She has no concerns about getting or not getting the job, because she is home to herself, and knows that, all she can do is to be her best, and leave the rest.

And that even if the interview didn’t turn out in her favor, she’d still not have to worry about her self-worth, because she is who she is, CEO or not.

Now, can anyone in the world shake a woman like that? You bet no one can!

And that also turns out to be our trait number 1 of being a businesswoman who exudes class.

2. A Confident Business Woman Cares

She is calm, considerate and caring. She is empathetic and is always willing to extend a helping hand.

She is sensitive to the needs of others, for she comes from a space of compassion and understanding that makes for a genuine leader.

Kindness is a jewellery she always adorns. And when a woman is kind, she oozes class.

Classy women are kind women.

And being kind is one of the easiest ways to feel more confident, more assertive in the way you conduct yourself and your professional activities.

Kindness is classy your highness.

3. A Confident Business Woman is Comfortable Around Men

If you look at the world, it’s easy to see how some groups have labelled men as some creature from another planet. Just because of some sour experiences, all men have suddenly become expendable. This is certainly not something a classy business woman would reflect.

A classy business woman can handle men, and handle them perfectly well. In fact, men who know such women call them amazing, someone with a wow factor, and respect them highly.

A woman being a woman is such a powerful thing.

And just in case you’re wondering what does a woman being a woman mean, it means not buying the story of women being weak or second to men. When you are that classy woman, ideas about you being lower to another gender is like a joke that you can laugh at and forget about.

4. A Confident Business Woman Is Comfortable In her Body

It’s about feeling good in your own skin and not being concerned with others’ judgments based on your body.

What is more important is to dress for the occasion, and when in business, it makes sense to dress like a businesswoman.

Your colleagues, your subordinates, and seniors, notice how you dress more than you know. It’s one of the first things that people notice, and it’s best to get that right to begin with.

All the other factors then send a cue to who you are. That you’re not just any business woman, you’re a classy, bold, dynamic, strong business woman.

5. A Confident Business Woman knows How to Tune Into Confidence

Confidence is not a locket you wear around your neck all the time, it’s a state of being. And a confident business woman knows how to stay tuned into this state of being, even when she faces challenges.

Especially when she faces stressful situations. For there’s no such thing as a human being who doesn’t have to face challenges or face fears. But the key difference is in knowing how to tune and stay tuned into this state of being, where confidence helps you overcome every obstacle.

A confident business woman doesn’t seek to be perfect, but only works on being present. Presence trumps perfect.

How you can tune into this state of presence, into this state of confidence?

It’s by being aware. You can cultivate and develop skills to help you be aware, and more so during stressful situations, so you can navigate the challenges in your business with calm confidence.

And that’s really what my programme called Tune Into Confidence is all about. I can help you cultivate and tap into your indomiatable spirit, that will leave you feeling a truly empowered business woman.

Ultimately, it is this confidence that exudes class.

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