Confidence Coach, London? Meet the Specialist

Looking to hire a confidence coach in London? Smart move. But did you know that there is another option you could consider?

Someone who has deeper insight into the problem of confidence, and how to tackle it.

Meet Dr. Tahsin Zatman – The Confidence Specialist

A doctor by profession, who works at the NHS as a Consultant Anaesthetist.

What inspired her to become a Confidence Specialist was her work at her clinic. Where she offers botox treatments to those looking to improve their appearance; reduce those fine lines and wrinkles. And also those who want relief from stress headaches.

Having spent a good amount of time doing what she does, she felt the need to look deeper into the problem of confidence, essentially, deeper into stress, and find out for herself how she can empower herself and others to feel more confident and positive in their day to day life.

She went through several programmes that promise self improvement, and also studied the works of people like Sigmund Freud, only to eventually have her own eureka moment, where she learned about the root cause of the issue.

She now calls it the “stress avatar.”

A stress avatar is nothing but an unconscious thought pattern that one experiences when under stress. And it is her view that the best way to tackle the problem of low confidence and self-esteem, is to recognise this stress avatar, in moments of stress, and use conscious intervention techniques to deal with effectively.

How the Stress Avatar Has Been Affecting Your Life

Let’s say, you want to apply for a new job, that offers you a better position and a higher salary.

The next thing you do, is send in an application, and are able to bag that interview. But as soon as you get confirmation that your interview is scheduled, you notice all kinds of thoughts running in your head, that are more along the lines of, what if I fail, what if I won’t be able to do the job, what if..what if..and what if..

In so many ways, this stress avatar is a bag of what if’s. And you feel like you have to find an answer to all those what if’s, which can even be endless.

What do you do then? Chances are you put off going for that interview, or you go for that interview but don’t have much enthusiasm to go and be at your best.

Now what was the real problem here? Was it the job? The interviewer? The job responsibilities? Or was it all those thoughts running in your head, building a case about why you’re better off staying in your old job, which you actually want to quit.

Your stress avatar, doesn’t prefer change, it wants to keep you stuck in the old, because it is the familiar, and whenever something new is about to show up, it starts peddling the script that it takes from the past, and it keeps you from giving yourself the opportunity of a better life.

And this was just an example in terms of a job, but it can affect so many other areas of your life. Let’s say, someone asks you out on a date, but you had a bad experience the last time, and now the stress avatar comes in the picture, with all those thoughts, which tell you, you should probably not go on a date.

And people think why their lives are not so happening? Simply because whenever they think of progressing in their life, the old script, the stress avatar starts getting in their way, trying to keep them in what Dr. Zatman calls the comfort zone. Which ironically, is not comfortable at all.

This is the kind of stuff that is happening with people across the board, which is why it is essential for one to closely study this “stress avatar” so you can see through it, making sure it doesn’t become an obstacle in your life.

Want a Confidence Coach or Are You Now Ready for a Specialist?

That was just a sneak peak of the stress avatar and how it has been affecting your life. You’re now invited to go down the rabbit hole with Dr. Zatman, so she can show you what’s going on, and empower you with tools to tackle it more effectively.

She conducts various programmes that span from 6 days, to 6 weeks upto 12 weeks.

Her programmes can be powerful and enlightening. And there’s a good chance, you won’t need to spend for any other coaching, in terms of confidence, and have all you need to succeed by the end of the programme.

Of course, there’s work involved. But the outcome will be so amazing, that you’ll want to dedicate yourself to it.

Now you can either go back to searching for another confidence coach in London, or you can take a deep breath, relax, and just send a message to Dr. T, perhaps the only confidence specialist out there, and book a free discovery session with her.

There’s nothing to lose, so you might as well give it a go?

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