Dr. Tahsin Zatman-The

While I am a doctor by profession,
I am actually a teacher at heart.
And I’d love to help you identify the
main cause of stress. Once you see
through it, you will be able to tackle
any situation in life, with calm confidence
and succeed in both, your personal and
professional life

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What will you do, with all that new found confidence? The sky’s the limit.

Dr. Tahsin Zatman – The Confidence Specialist

What Inspired Me to be a Confidence Specialist

“Learning to recognise the story in your head, or the stress avatar, is the key to helping you feel confident again.”

I come from a medical background. More specifically, I serve at the NHS as an anesthesiologist, and I also used to do botox treatments at my clinic.

People who came to my clinic were looking to improve their appearance, to help them feel more confident about themselves.

But what they didn’t realise, was that their confidence wasn’t linked to the cosmetic adjustments, but rather the story in their head.

While they definitely looked younger, the cause of their low self-esteem, wasn’t the wrinkle, but only their idea about themselves.

In my own journey of self-discovery, I’ve realised that the moments I experienced stress, were the moments, when there was a certain story running in the head.

On further contemplation, I started seeing through it as a pattern of thoughts, which I now call the “Stress Avatar.”

And it is this revelation, that was my eureka moment, that I am inspired to share with others.

For once you become aware of your “stress avatar” you can learn to deal with it more effectively.

David speaks about his recovery from job stress, after working with Dr. Zatman

What it’s like to work with me

I am a process person. I like to put processes in place to get things done, to accomplish goals. And that is what I offer to my clients. I work with tools, that can only help, if you put them to work. Which requires a certain degree of commitment. This is what makes me a great fit for someone, who is ready to do the work, for that is the only way for me to help you experience the results you’re looking for.

My Values

What I do revolves around uncompromisable integrity, honesty, and love.

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