“When Confidence Is The Question, She Is The Answer”

Meet Dr. Tahsin Zatman, she’s on a mission to help both, men and women, feel better and more confident in their lives. If a dose of confidence is what you’re looking for, you don’t want to miss what Dr. T has to offer

The Truth is, You Never Lost Your Confidence, Rather, You Acquired Something else, Dr. T calls it The Stress Avatar

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Having struggled with confidence herself, Dr.T went on her own journey of discovering the secret to unlimited confidence.

She started looking for answers everywhere, including studying the works of well known personalities, like Sigmund Freud, and even looked at various modalities like mindfulness and meditation.

Her work led to the profound discovery that behind all the stress and chaos, lied what she calls the Stress Avatar.

Today, through her signature coaching programme, she teaches how to Tune Into Confidence. She aims to help people become aware of their stress avatars, and teaches how to deal with it effectively to be able to feel confident and succeed in every area of life.

Here’s what our clients have to say…

Succeed in Every Aspect of Life

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Whether you are dealing with a challenge with a spouse, a co-worker, or are seeking confidence to find love, Dr.T’s work can help you succeed in your relationships and enjoy the joys of connecting with people in every area of of your life


Whether you want confidence to get in shape, to overcome that chronic illness, no matter how debilitating it may be, Dr. Zatman’s work can empower you feel stronger and overcome any situation related to your health and well-being


What money goals do you have? Getting out of debt? Increasing your profits? Asking for a raise? Or Getting a better job, you got it! What Dr. T has to reveal, will make you feel empowered and confident to deal with any money related challenges in your life

Soulful Art

Are you an artist, or seeking creative expression? Is fear of perfection holding you back? Confidence can be a key factor in enabling your genius shine. And after you know how to tune into confidence, there’s no doubt, you will be able to hone your skills like a true maestro

Her Dare to Believe programme, helped me enormously.

Kim Feely

Who Dr. T works with…

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Whether you want to scale new heights in your business, be seen as a more effective leader, or experience more peace of mind, you’re at the right place. Dr. T knows how to help executives see through their Stress Avatars and succeed like a boss!

Small Business Owners

Whether you are a digital business owner, or have a brick and mortar store, running a business has its own set of challenges, and being able to identify your stress avatar in this space, can help you deal with it more effectively and conduct your business with more confidence and ease


Being a doctor herself, Dr. T understands the challenges of the medical profession. Identifying the doctor’s stress avatar, can be a great way for you to deal with it more effectively

Maybe You?

She’s open to working with just about anyone who is committed to changing, and doing the work involved in bettering their lives, for themselves and those around them

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Learn how you can Tune Into Confidence & Live Your Life Best Life Ever!